If the parents registered their marriage according to the law. Later gave birth to a son Such child shall be lawful son of his father, which resulted in him having the right to inherit his father as his father’s successor.If the parents are not married to each other by the law. Children born out of wedlock, shall be the children of your father. The bastard was not entitled to inherit his father. However, it may be the illegitimate son inherited his father in the case are as follows.

1. If the father of the child, such as his own son. This certification may be accepted as the de facto dong out to others as his own son. The cost of the education of their children. The father to the son of the surname. Bringing the pregnant mother to the doctor at the hospital.If the father of the child, the only circumstances that show that he received as their children. Children have the right to inherit his father, without having to sue to get the children in any way. (Judgment petition 677/2537), but who is the father of the child is to be as true. If this is not the father of fact, a certified child. Children will not be entitled to inherit his father in any way, such as Mr. expressed to others that Mr. b., The son of his own, but the fact that Mr. B. Nor his son’s name. But. even so, somehow. Mr. Z exhibit behaviors that ensures Mr. b. their children did not make Mr. b. the inheritance rights of the Republic. But somehow (Decree 4791/2542 petition. )

2. The father was adopted. The adoption will have to follow the law. That is, it must be registered for adoption by the law in the Civil and Commercial Code 1598/27.If your child is father of the father and the son of the adoption. The law provided that such child is like a son of a lawful successor. Which gave him the right to inherit as a statutory heir under the Civil and Commercial Code Section 1627 and Section 1629.

3. In cases where parents married after the child was born then. That is, even when the child is born, the parents are not married to each other. But soon after the child was registered their marriage occurred. He shall have the right to inherit his father.

4. If the father is listed as the son of his son, which will be conducted by the Registrar and must obtain the consent of the child and his mother.

5. If the court ruled that the child was the son of his father.If the father and mother later married, the father was listed as a son. And the courtruled that the child was. Children will have the adoption of children by the law of the father. Civil and Commercial Code, Section 1547, and the right of inheritance as his successor. The father of a child by law shall be effective from the date it back to him, born as the case is filed with the court to a court that is the legitimate child of his father. And the court has sentenced the father to wear the dead. Such a child is entitled to inherit his father. As a result of the judgment will give him a son by the law of the fathers on the children were born. Son as a successor to his father, while the Gas death.