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Attorney of criminal cases

      -Attorney to crime for killing 

      -Attorney to crime for killing other with intent 

      -Attorney to crime for killing others withers without intent 

      -Attorney to crime for careless to others injury to body or mind case 

      -Attorney to offences against body case 

      -Attorney to battery with voluntary battery case 

      -Attorney to Involuntary battery case 

      -Attorney to crime for careless to others serious injury case 

      -Attorney to battery for not to injury case 

      -Attorney to battery others to seriously injured case 

      -Attorney to offences against property aggravated assault case 

      -Attorney to larceny case 

      -Attorney to sntching case 

      -Attorney to robbery case 

      -Attorney to brigandage case 

      -Attorney to extoryion case 

      -Attorney to false protenses case 

      -Attorney to embezzlement case 

      -Attorney to receive stolen property case 

      -Attorney to malicious mischief case