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  1. Company Limited, PLC, BOI Registration
  2. Name, Address, Focus, Shareholder List, Mergers and Acquisition Registration andAmendment Services
  3. Social Security, Tax and VAT Registration
  4. Company Discontinuation and Termination
  5. Commercial Registration
  6. Copyright, Patents and Trademark Registration

Company Limited refers to companies structured based on a certain amount of capital divided into shares that determines the liability of each shareholder based on the number of shares owned.

Registration Process:

Registration requires 3 people to prepare and sign a Memorandum in order to register the Company Limited. In the instance of receiving the shares, the company director is bound to register and establish the company within three months of preparing the documents.

Shareholders must abide by the following requirements:

Required info for the preparation of the Memorandum

  1. A Corporate name similar to the reserved title
  2. Office Location
  3. Business Objectives
  4. The Amount of capital divided into shares of similar value of at least 5 Thai Baht or more
  5. The Amount of capital divided into shares of similar value of at least 5 Thai Baht or Full name, registered address, age, position and number of shares belonging to each shareholder
  6. Trademarks, Patents, Copyright registration as well as 2 witnesses

After Memorandum registration, the following shall be done:

  1. Purchase of shares by the shareholders
  2. As soon as share are reserved the holders must hold a shareholding meeting and prepare a shareholder meeting document.

Registration Process:

Company Limited resigertation are done in two main parts:

  1. Memorandum Registration.
  2. Registration of company company limited establishment, registration of company limited revisions in the case that shareholders wish liquidate or change the company basics as long as it is agreed upon by the registered shareholders. All these changes and modifications shall be done at the company’s head office in accordance to the guidelines provided by the law and government regulations.

Further Details:

  1. Appliance of any further changes or modifications to the company memorandum before establishment
  2. Any special revisions such as:

Any specific modification of memorandum for company establishment