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Why use Ratchada law for your Thailand Accounting?

Our accounting services at Ratchada Law Firm are thorough and all encompassing but at the same time fully tailored according to the size and line of your business. Our state of the art methods and practice coupled with the up to date knowledge of tax regulations in Thailand, we make sure you are provided a cost effective and safe accounting in Thailand.

Tailored Service

At Ratchada Law Firm We base our methodology on your industry because we fully understand that the same accounting plan is not going to be suitable for every business. We always plan our approach based on the growth rate and specific requirements of every business.

Seasoned Staff

Our accounting department at Ratchada Law Firm is consisted of only certified accountants at Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce with years of experience in Thai Commercial and Civil codes. We make sure that every single detail with regard to your account is taken care of with utter precision.

Local and International Experience

If you are running a multinational business in Thailand and beyond, at Ratchada Law Firm we have the experience required to liaise and handle accounting requirements with your accounting partners or in-house team outside Thailand.

Thailand’s IFRS and GAAP Accounting requirements:

  1. Personal income and Payroll reports on a monthly basis
  2. VAT report and submission which includes all sales and financial transactions
  3. Withholding tax report filing and remittance on a monthly basis
  4. Monthly social security submission for all company staff

A/P, A/R & GL , monthly bookkeeping and balance sheet updates in addition to electronic submission for profit and loss

Assistance in providing Annual Financial audits to any third party firm according to specific requirements

NOTE: These services does not include the actual audit process and is limited to filing reports to the Ministry of Commerce, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance and Commercial Registration department on the required timeframe.