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Request permission to work.

1. An alien who has not traveled to the Kingdom. Aliens who wish to work. The following. 

  • Contact the Thai Embassy or Consulate in the alien resident living. For advice and permission to the UK temporarily. (NON-IMMIGRANT VISA).
  • Employers in the UK to obtain work permits instead of filing (a .3 Tt) and be notified when the permit was. Alien is traveling to the UK to license and work.

2. Alien travel into the UK then. Aliens who wish to work. Need the following. 

  • Aliens to obtain legal permission to work on investment promotion. Or by other laws such as the king j music Ya need petroleum. Estate Act. Obtain a work permit must submit (a Tt. 1) within 30 days of entering the Kingdom, 30 days, or known to have permission to work legally with that obtained in the license. The applicant has worked to the same before. Violates a fine not exceeding 1,000 baht (Article 35).
  • Alien residence in UK or allowed to enter the UK temporarily. The law on immigration. By not allowed to enter as tourists. Or travel through. And not a person incompetent. Or prohibited by the Minister specified conditions. To work when received. Work permit and then only. The work permit request filed by a Tt. 2 (Section 7, 11) who violates a jail not exceeding 3 months imprisonment or a fine not exceeding 5,000 Baht or both fine and memory (Section 34). Features or characteristics prohibited.

Determined by the Interior Ministry announced. On specifications or features sacred and conditions of aliens. Which will obtain a work permit dated February 5, 2522 are as follows.

1. With the knowledge and ability to work under the license request. Not a deranged person. Imperfect or crazy. Not a patient with leprosy. TB-term harm. Elephantiasis stage disease symptoms appear as objectionable to society. Disease, drug addiction seriously. Disease or alcoholism. Confinement in prison have not been guilty under the law with immigration. Or laws governing the work of aliens. Within one year before the license request. 

2. The alien into the Kingdom on a temporary legal immigration to the necessary and urgent work. A period not exceeding 15 working days to work when a notification to the Director-General. The Director or officer assigned note (Section 7) of the necessary and urgent. Regulations issued by the Department of Employment that the rules in the process of work permit alien BC 2537 dated May 30, 2537 to allow aliens working in different professional categories, but not more than 15 days following.  Administration and academic work. Technical. The recruitment of overseas work General Miscellaneous General or a responsible official. Seen as a special case should be notified as required at that time. 

3. An alien under Section 12 is primarily for permission under Section 12 (2) that is alien to the Kingdom. Without permission law on immigration. And pending the return from outside the Kingdom. Need the following. 

  • cases would work within the Province. The applicant as a Tt. 8 with pass issued by Ministry of Interior.
  • If permission outside the region. An alien must apply for permission to provincial governor that they were. To allow outside provinces. If the alien will be working to obtain permission to work (a it. 8), it will work.

Ministers have set out today announced that the alien under Section 12 works including 27 alien occupation and citizenship of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia into the Kingdom or not authorized by law with immigration. Which has been allowed. insurance from employees. Immigration officials. From the August 31, 2543 to date October 31, 2543 and pending deportation from the Kingdom of 106,684 people out of work only in the stiff region 37 provinces 18 business categories.