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Work permit in Thailand​

Any foreigner who wishes to run a business or work in the Kingdom of Thailand, need to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Labour. However, the following exceptions are the cases where the foreign nationals do not require to hold a work permit to perform certain activities in Thailand:

Process to Obtain a Work Permit in Thailand

 Any foreign individual looking to obtain a work permit in Thailand needs to enter the country with a Non-B visa with an employer already in the picture for permanent employment. Then the foreigner is required to request a work permit at Alien Occupational Control Division. For the areas outside Bangkok, this form will be submitted to the Office of Employment in different provinces. It is also possible that the employer files the application in advance before the arrival of the hired individual in Thailand. This is quite a common practice since in many cases, Thai embassies ask the person applying for the non-B visa to provide them with a work permit letter of approval from the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, Department of Employment of the Ministry of Labour and a number of other documents from the hiring party. The hard copy of the permit will be provided to the individual after he or she enters Thailand after providing another series of documents to the Office of Foreign Workers Administration.

In order to obtain a work permit in Thailand, it is mandatory that the applicant possesses the below qualifications:

Employer eligibility

Any registered business in Thailand with the capital of at least 2 Million Baht per work permit would be eligible to hire foreigners. In the case that the majority of shareholders are not Thai nationals, the capital need to be 3 million baht per work permit. Any international business in the kingdom under the treaty of Amity or working as a foregin branch must provide evidence of providing outside money into thailand for the minimum of 3 million baht per work permit. In the case that the foreign national in married to a Thai, the numbers mentioned above will be decreased to half. 

Non Compliance Penalties