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Are you tired of your never ending quest to find a competent and reliable firm that can offer you professional investigation services with enough experience and credentials to back their claims?

At Ratchada Law Firm our team of private investigators are made up of experienced Thai Royal Police backed investigators along with seasoned licensed Thai and international lawyers. We will be able to provide you services all the way from the initial investigation to courtroom filings, arrest warrants and civil case submissions locally and internationally.

Experience and Competency: We have a team of private investigators and lawyers with years of experience in a variety of cases of different scale of complexity. There is an old adage that states: “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove”.Supervised by experienced lawyers with decades of courtroom battle experience, our investigators can not only provide useful information but our lawyers can also organize and prepare the evidence so that it will be more legally admissible and can be used in a court of law in Thailand or elsewhere.

Network of Contacts: Our team of investigators are closely tied with the Thai Royal Police and other related agencies who assisted us in numerous cases, resulting in a wide ranging network of contacts all around Thailand. Our Team lawyers and investigators have worked with many government agencies and subsidiaries on hundreds of successful cases which created a close relationship between us and many high ranking individual within the police force and beyond in the kingdom of Thailand.

Dependability: Ratchada Law Firm is a registered business in Bangkok, Thailand within a walking distance to Bangkok’s Criminal Court. All our attorneys are certified, with years of hands on experience in conducting investigations, handling civil cases and arrest warrants all over Thailand.

The process is planned on a case by case basis depending on the details of each investigation. At Ratchada Law Firm we combine the use of latest tracking and 24/7 surveillance technology with traditional research and evidence recovery to make sure all the necessary channels to obtain sensitive information are utilized perfectly.

When it comes to criminal cases in Thailand, as opposed to the standard practice in most western countries, criminal cases can be filed both by the public prosecutor as well as any individual. With our extensive experience in tracking criminals and fraudulent individuals, we have been able to serve justice to many wrongdoers over the years. We are legal professionals with years of courtroom experience, so we know how to gather the right evidence to would be acceptable to the judiciary system in Thailand.

If you are suspicious that your spouse is being unfaithful to you, we can gather the necessary evidence to make sure you can file for divorce since there has to be a wrongdoing with evidence for the court to accept a divorce based on infidelity. 

Tracking fugitives, bounty hunting, asset investigation, public record recovery, domestic surveillance, missing people, insurance scams, investigation of businesses, background checks, land ownership verification and employment investigations are among the activities we perform on a regular basis.