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Here at Ratchadalaw Firm located in Bangkok, Thailand, we offer our clients a complete range of legal services. As an expat in Thailand, a long-term tourist or a retiree, there are always instances that you need competent legal services and sometimes it would be hard or quite costly to find a law firm that has what it takes to cater to international clients. We provide services that covers all our client’s needs in Thailand such as company registration, business set up, criminal and immigration laws, accounting and so on. We also provide visa and work permit services which is vital to any foreigner living in Thailand.

At Ratchadalaw Firm we also our family law department offers services such as domestic disputes and child custody cases and more. If it is marriage registration services or prenuptial agreements with your future spouse, we have you covered as well. At Ratchada Law firm, we offer services for both Thai immigration and international visa application submission. We offer assistance in the US, Australia, Europe and UK visa application cases.

Our team of experienced bilingual attorneys will assist you with  corporate litigation and criminal law to make sure you can focus on what matters in your life in Thailand and let professionals deal with what needs to be done. With years of valuable experience in property purchases and disputes of all kinds we will make sure you will get the justice you deserve regardless of the complexities or difficulties you are facing.

Our accounting department consisted of both local and foriegn experts will make sure all your accounting, taxes, audits and other monthly and yearly submissions in Thailand are done flawlessly with attention to every detail. If you have a medium or small sized business, with all services, you will not be needing an in-house accounting department. 

Property Services

At Ratchadalaw Firm we have fully qualified property attorneys as well as conveyancers who can assist you with your real estate purchases while in the Kingdom of Thailand. This can be a condo unit or a villa or house or any piece of land which you are purchasing.

Immigration Services

We offer a full Immigration assistance service to all foreigners who are wanting to live and work in the  Land Of Smiles be this to conduct or starting a business business, retirement or settling in Thailand with your wife. We also provide full assistance with obtaining foreign visas for Thais and resident expats alike.

Business Services

 With our extensive corporate and business services conducted by our well-trained local and foreign staff we can ensure the accurate registration of your Thai businesses. Call us today about starting your business in Thailand. Allow us to not only register your Thai business but also register your new Thai business for corporate tax and VAT not forgetting the Social Security registration.