Attorney of Bankruptcy Case

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Duties of an attorney in Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation case

  1. To check and find out the facts of the case, all parties involved to ensure the very best around.
  2. To Collect and checking of documents. Because some debt that creditors to sue the debtor.May be the case with many papers because several creditors, debt multiples. Or if the law required documents shown to witnesses in court. Under the Code of Civil Procedure, as debt loandebt exceeds 2,000 baht or more or lease purchasing.
  3. To search Laws and the judgments of the Supreme Court involved, Including Status of Limitation, or duration of the proceedings of the client.
  4. To check the rights of creditors and debtors that are legal.
  5. To calculate and calculate the amount of principal and interest.
  6. To follow the investigation of the ball consistently both in court reorganization layer and in the action of the officials until the end of the bankruptcy estate, for the benefit of the client
  7. Quotes and other information. The ball accurately. The children are taken to the next decision.