Attorney of Civil case Criminal law case Family Law case Heritage case Criminal Law case Administrative case Taxes Law case

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Attorney of Civil case

Purchases lawsuit filed to run for repayment of the Loan Contract Law Litigation Litigation Mortgage Litigation property, inheritance, etc. trading case.

Attorney of Criminal Law case

The lawsuit was filed because there is a criminal offense. Or to say simply that claim to another prison. Or other criminal penalties such as fines or the death penalty.

Attorney of Family Law case

Refers to the case upon the claim or claims in court or take any action in respect to minors. Or family circumstances Which will be governed by the Civil and Commercial Code.

Attorney of Heritage case

Inheritance rights, the rights of other Ehื it comes and goes. Legally Inheritance rights are terminated in the case.


Attorney of Administrative case

The case of a dispute between administrative agencies. Or government officials and private Or disputes between governments. Or staff themselves Reap


Attorney of Taxes Law case

Is a tax case in a civil lawsuit, the effect will be different from general civil litigation. That is, most of the disputes between the state and private. Because of the assessment or collection of official duties.


Attorney of labour law case

The ruling on the dispute Or counter bad about their rights and duties under the employment contract. Or labor laws

Attorney of special investigation

Criminal legally prescribed in the Act on Special Investigation. 2547 (as amended. Fri. 2551) or a criminal case that has set the rules of the recommendation of the Special Committee. Functions of criminal lawyers of the political positions.

Attorney of Bankruptcy case

Duties of an attorney bankruptcy and rehabilitation case.