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Heritage Case

It would be very important to know that after you pass away your loved ones won‘t be facing issues when it comes to inheritance in Thailand. According to Thai law you can choose who will inherit your assets and point out your last wishes all in advance. 

If there is no Wish is in place then the Thai law will choose who inherits your properties and assets Having a proper Will in place would make sure that all your wishes are abided by and your successors won’t go through more than mourning your death. 

According to section 1629 of the civil and commercial code in Thailand, The following are entiled to inheritance :

  1. Legal Heirs
  2. Mothers and Fathers
  3. Brothers and Sisters by blood
  4. Half-Brothers and Half-Sisters 
  5. Grandparents
  6. Aunts or Uncles 
  7. Surviving Spouse

Benefits of having a Will in place before the tragedy strikes: ·

  • Peace of mind
  • Division of your assets and estate the way you want to whom you want
  • Appointment of executors to your will (administrators) 
  • Selection of Guardians for underage heirs. 
  • Inclusion of specific people like step children and friends
  • Exclusion of Specific people like siblings and spouse
  • Protecting the heirs that you care about

At Ratchada Law firm located in Bangkok, Thailand, our team of attorneys are well prepared and experience to deal with all the aspects of inheritance. Whether you are facing the dispute among other heirs, want to have Will in place or are looking for general information around the subject, we are always there to lend you a helping hand.