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heritage Case

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Duties of trial lawyers requested dismissal of the trustee.

  1. To prepare a case by checking the facts either from the client and related parties.
  2. To check the quality of the document that a client that is accurate or not. The lawsuit requests removal of heritage management may need to provide written evidence or to get involved as a trustee in his will and so on.
  3. To check the rights, duties Property involved in both the legacy and heritage assets of the heritage that comes after death, such as life insurance money. Or pension funds, which passed the law on inheritance comparable with. The calculation of the debt outstanding Damages to alegacy handed down overall. Or the result of a mistake or an estate manager with.
  4. Legal Search with the Supreme Court And age or length of time in the prosecution of his client.
  5. To protect the interests of clients in the progress of the case regularly.
  6. To provide advice on the proceedings of the court and legal clientele correctly. The decision of the client.