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Our team

Our team of English speaking Thai Lawyers

Our legal team consists of English speaking Thai Lawyers, more than in most other Law Firms in Thailand. Our Team is used to work with international clients and has a vast experience handling legal cases.

According to Thai regulation only Thai nationals with law degree can be accredited by the Lawyers’ Council of Thailand and can represent clients in a Thai court. Non-Thai nationals regardless of their qualifications are not permitted to represent clients in the judicial system. Therefore most of legal services of Ratchada Law Firm are provided by our English speaking team of Thai Lawyers who are all appropriately licensed and member of the Thai Bar Association.

Generally there are no restrictions on Thai nationals with or without law degree to offer legal advice. However, all members of our team of Thai lawyers hold degrees from recognized Thai Universities and are subject matter experts in their field of Thai law. Further we are permitted to provide Notary services through one of our Thai Lawyers holding the required certificates.


Mr.Benny Behnam Moafi

Founder, Managing Partner


Ms. Thananya Karnjanarporn​



Mr. Wongsanan Anan



Mr. Nithipong Datwaree



Mr. Nattachat Ponlapan