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For every businessman on the business for a while. Small problem picking up goods from customers not. Each of you will feel uncomfortable The question of whether to charge for the product or not. As a businessman, said. Sell it does not matter Sold as charged or not.

Ratchada Law Firm offers commercial debt to you before the lawsuit. So you can spend valuable time to conduct your business. The fiduciary duty commercial debt is our duty.

Ratchada Law Firm is performed by the call with the definition of “maintaining a good relationship between you and your customers,” unless you have been notified of the action. By the way, more than You will get to demand payment of trade with the defection of specialized professional for you to accept the obligation to solve business problems for you.

Ratchada Lawrie fern, also provides protection against the obligation to entrepreneurs like.

– Analysis of the financial statements prior to release credit to customers. The foreign companies are using this method to be considered before the credit. This is how it works And reduce the incidence of bad debt from the sale of goods.

– The legal counsel of a law firm and legal advisor on the phone. Monthly or legal counsel for legal care continues. Legal annually for public companies, corporations, partnerships, etc.

– The structure of the loan. And internal management

– To create trade agreements Borgen BE insurance contract, the rights and obligations in the contract. Period of delivery and payment and so on.

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The rights of the injured party (passenger)

1. Passengers have the right to complain or sue to providers or agencies to carry out remedial or damages occurred.

2. Passengers are entitled to get compensation from the insurance without delay. Or forced to compromise

3. Passengers are entitled to receive restitution, physical health, liberty, property and other rights are being violated.

4. Passengers are entitled to receive restitution, with the main drying the circumstances and severity of the violation.

5. Passengers have the right to unite to protect their rights and those of others.

6. Passengers have a right to be safe from the bus service.

7. Passengers have a right to be served by buses and service quality standards.

8. Passengers have the right to receive information. Including a description of the quality of bus services. Including coverage under insurance policies that are actually sufficient to decide the service.

9. Passenger has the right to be treated fairly in the contract. And costs

10. Passengers are free to choose the bus service voluntarily. And without persuading unjust.So when the victim (passengers) is of a licensed transport operators have caused damage to the health or life of the victim (passenger) injured party or his successor in the event of death of the victim. Wish to receive compensation for the initial costs.

1. The applicant in the form of police officers assigned to. The evidence that the victim’s car was damaged by a licensed practitioner.

2. When the officer saw that the damage was caused by a car and get a license to transport any vehicle. Provide a written statement to a licensed transport operators. The owner had to pay the initial costs.

2.1 Preliminary cost Represents the cost to the hospital. As well as other expenses. The medical
2.2 or cremate the officers to consider the order within seven days of receiving a request and get a license to transport. Must be paid within seven days from the date ordered by the officers.

“Trafficked victims or their heirs have the right to obtain compensation costs within the initial period of one year from the date the damage occurred.