Article Right of Service Users

In Thailand, most laws surrounding the protection of the rights of consumers are taken from Consumer Protection Act of B.E 2522 and the first amendment of the same act from 2541 which defines the rights of service and product consumers. Here are some highlights from the act to help you better understand the laws:

  • 1) “Consumers are entitled to be provided with relevant and correct information about the products or services they are purchasing”

Consumers and clients have the rights to receive correct, relevant description of products and services free from any misunderstanding the would suggest either involuntary misinformation or deceptive product information provided by any business or service provider.

  • 2) “ The right to choose services and goods freely”

This refers to the rights that consumers are entitled to which should enable them to make their choices on what to purchase without any deceptive coercion.

  • 3) “ The right to be provided with safe goods and services”

This means that the consumers are supposed to be presented with quality products and services that are according to domestic or international standards. Businesses would need to ensure that consumers will not be exposed to any sort of physical or mental harm as long as they are abiding by the instructions and user manuals provided with the goods or services. 

  • 4) “ The right to an equitable and just contract or agreement”

When a contract is provided from a business entity in Thailand, consumers are entitled to be given a fair contract without any partial or biased terms and conditions that would be deemed unfair to the consumer. It is important that you consult a competent business attorney on sensitive cases to make sure you are offered a good deal. 

  • 5) “ The right for deliberation and repayment”

A consumer reserve the rights to request a compensation in the cases that the service or goods provided by a business causes losses or damages to them. Consumers at any time can contact the Office of the Consumer Protection Board in Thailand or relevant agencies to file a complaint against a business entity.

At Ratchada Law Firm, we have experience dealing with numerous cases in which  the rights of consumers are not met fairly by business entities. There are a lot of details concerning consumer protection laws in Thailand and most incidents are evaluated on a case by case basis according to Thai law, so you need competent legal advice on your case, if you think you have been a victim of unfair business practices. Our team of bilingual business attorneys will make sure you get justice when you are treated unfairly by a business or a provider in Thailand. Contact us today. It is never too late to get the justice you deserve. 

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