Litigation methamphetamine addiction to the drug.

Current drug methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, but there is a serious problem in Thailand. The Government’s policy to tackle and resolve the issue. Cause the arrest and prosecution of many today. When arrested, that person is caught in the accused….Accused or defendant in a drug case will be presumed to be innocent until the court has the final judgment that was the culprit. The accused or defendant would not know their rights when being detained during the proceedings, such as bail request to the court for forensic identification toprove their innocence. Or, in the case where the law of penalties, reasonable and correct, as the accused was arrested. If the facts are that the accused is a drug and drugs such as amphetamines are the 1 seed if caught on. Police did not determine whether or not the accused to give a urine sample. Make no evidence in the case as an abuse. I charged that the base has a Class 1 drug dealers because such a person is considered to be a patient. not bad To make sure that they get the opportunity to therapy and a good citizen of society. How the police refused to give a urine or blood test to the patient (the drug) from a drug dealer. Former law authorizing the officers discretion to find evidence that more or less it. However, current law to take action to solve the problem is. You can use the legislative process to solve the problem.