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In Thailand the cases that involves defamation of an individual or a business is explained as follows: “ “to impute anything to another person, to a third party in a manner likely to impair that person’s reputation or to expose such person to hatred or contempt.” It is usually the case that such cases are raised in disputes between businesses or individuals in commercial or even political environments pointing to how factual or non factual information is presented aiming to alter the public opinion. Unlike how defamation cases are approached by law in most western countries, in Thailand, it can be scrutinized in the form of a criminal as well as a civil offense. There are always cases that shall be exempt from defamation punishments. For example, if an individual or an entity is making a comment, a statement or report out of good intentions, if certain conditions are met. There are different implications when it comes to oral and written content in defamation cases. For instance, written statements are usually prone to more severe penalties or punishments.

This area of Thai law includes a lot of details, with interpretations playing a big role in the jurisdiction process. If you are being sued for defamation or you are pursuing such cases against an individual or an entity in Thailand, you will need a legal team who are experienced in engaging with such cases. At Ratchada Law firm, our team of civil and criminal lawyers have many successful defamation cases under their belt. We can help you to achieve optimal results no matter what stage of the judicial process you are at. Make contact us and get a free consultation session for your defamation case today.

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