Guarantees are based on the law. Section 680 of the Civil and Commercial Code provides that.That third parties will be bound to creditors. To pay the debt when the debtor fails to pay the debt.So we will be that guarantees owe one called “debt” device, which relies on debt another debt core which is called “the president” and the guarantor shall laugh debt when the debtor fails to pay. Credit or debt of it ..Why the words escape liability insurance.

Because that would make the guarantor liability. According to the Civil and Commercial Code 3 on the guarantee as well. Based on the following pages.

– Debt of suspension under Section 698 of the foregoing that the guaranteed debt device. So when the president suspended Credit must be extinguished with the device. Reason to suspend the president, there are five reasons: 1. The new debt repayment 2. 3. 4. Debt Debt normally mingle 5. extent offset the general rules of the Civil and Commercial Code, Book 2, Re debt.

– If the debt is scheduled when due. Then the creditor shall pay for the debtor by the guarantor does not give consent under Section 700 as a debt due within one year, as well as the creditors would be paid by the debtor to pay the debt service for 1 month. without asking the consent of the guarantor or so before and agree to pay this time. Creditors may contract the guarantor will pay for it in advance. Made payable to the debtor vacation time in the future, it does not require the consent of the guarantor. Currently, the contract usually made in this style mostly.

– In the case when the president is the guarantor of payment settlement. The creditor does not accept payment Without information, they claim that the law under Section 701.

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