New TM83 Magic Form

Bangkok, Thailand: Immigration Bureau of Thailand has decided to replace TM30, TM6, TM47 forms with a new TM83 Magic Form. The new form is expected to be available soon after Cabinet approval.

As a responding measure to loads of complaints from Thailand’s expats living in the Kingdom of Thailand, who require to maintain their residence in the Kingdom, the chief of Immigration Bureau, Pol Lt General Sompong Chingduang has announced a Magic Form to replace the existing Arrival Card (TM6 Form), Registration of Address Form (TM30 Form) and the 90 Day Reporting Form (TM47 Form) aimed to please the critics and a runaway trend of foreigners out of Thailand.

The new TM83 Form, which is an adding together of Forms 6, 30 and 47 is designed to further relax the rules after the Immigration Bureaus started the policy of so called “Good guys in. Bad guys out.

The new form simply requires foreigners staying on any type of long term visa to declare if they are in the category of a “Good guy” or a “Bad guy”!!!

Therefore, the Immigration Bureau officials are going to perform the extra checks on those declaring themselves as “bad guys” which is yet to see.