How to choose a lawyer for a civil case:

As an expat or a local, there is always a chance that you or your loved ones are a part civil dispute in Thailand. In order to successfully deal with such situations, one must either have a clear understanding of the civil laws of Thailand or is able to hire a competent lawyer who is an expert in civil cases. In some instances, you may think you know some details about a certain bill of law or a legal situation but in order to verify such knowledge, you are still recommended to consult a registered civil attorney or a law firm in Thailand, as your knowledge may not be sufficient.

So here are some guidelines that would help you pick a proper legal representative for your civil cases in Thailand:

  • 1) Try to always go for a lawyer or a law firm with a registered business and an office location that you can easily go to if the need ever arises before providing them with any of your documents or case details.
  • 2) It’s always better to put your trust in a law firm compared to an individual lawyer in Thailand. The reason is that when you hire a law firm as your legal representative, the collective knowledge of different areas of Thai law among the lawyers there will always give you an advantage when dealing with civil cases. In addition, when a team of lawyers pursue your case in the court, usually better results are achieved.
  • 3) If you are asking for legal advice on your civil cases in Thailand. It’s always better to have your prefered attorney provide you their opinion in a written form other than just a phone call or a face to face meeting.
  • 4) Ask you attorneys whether they have experience dealing with cases similar to the one that you are dealing with and ask them to walk you through the details of that case and its outcome.
  • 5) Make sure you do some due diligence online and on social media to see whether the lawyer you are hiring has a good reputation or not.

At Ratchada law firm our team of professional english speaking civil attorneys are always there to help you get through your civil cases with very affordable fees and high success rates. We have dealt with numerous cases in Thailand on behalf of both locals as well as tourists and expats in Thailand so you are for sure in good hands with us. Our office is conveniently located at walking distance from Thailand’s criminal court in Ratchadapisek road. Call us today for a free consultation.

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