Choosing a civil lawyer A civil lawyer When a dispute with any questions or to do any act in everyday life. Civil or legal grounds to require the exercise of the court. You need an understanding of the law. Some of you already know it is not a problem. But he had little knowledge of the bill. Or knowledge, but is not sure that the knowledge of such self-correct or not, you need to consult an attorney who knows the law or civil attorneys or law firms. Before deciding to take action. Attorneys lawyers law firms Would you trust to consult for information to get a legal opinion. To remove the legal opinion that the decision. Which is a legal error. Because of ignorance of the law or the understanding to hear a legal opinion. It is important For details on different facts. The decisions of the courts, lawyers and law applicable to it differently.

1. To choose a lawyer Legal Advisor The reliability Companies such as The office location is certainly reliable. Because if the problem Or more facts You can find or remove documents to a lawyer. Or legal counsel immediately check does not leave easily monitored. You may ask to see the location of your company or office. Introduction to Reliability

2. Select attorneys’ lawyers law firms. The work is a form of organization, such as the establishment of a company or a law office. You can contact a lawyer or lawyers or even a team of lawyers to contact the court. Or other work The result was not reachable.

3. Should a lawyer or a legal opinion written better to do, say, or the way the phone. Exercise civil court. A person shall be exercised at the position. As a plaintiff in a civil case (the case) the defendant (the person being sued), the petitioner in the case, heritage management. Children certification request The respondent requested that the defendant’s case, the plaintiff’s parent or legal representative.

When you need the exercise of the court. But you do not have the legal knowledge, you need a lawyer. With knowledge of legal matters such as civil law. The law gives you the right to act on behalf of lawyers in the exercise of the court for help. You get justice Ease of litigation And the professionalism and experience of attorneys to lighten your burden on the exercise of the court.

How to choose a lawyer prior to the appointment of an attorney in the case. Couple looking for a lawyer in court talent. That a lawyer who can win the case. Or maybe some people may have a reason to choose their lawyers by other causes. Such as reliability The lawyer’s reputation Size of business The opening of an office or in the company. Some may opt for a recommendation. Information on the Internet, books or trusts, etc. The selection will be based on the satisfaction of the parties themselves. When choosing a lawyer, then the parties are required by law to appoint a lawyer.

To appoint a civil lawyer Under the Code of Civil Procedure Section 61 states that the attorney  must be in writing and sign it. A lawyer and then a The Court’s application for inclusion in the dossier. Attorneys to only one other case. As filed only When the attorney general who is authorized to represent other persons in any case. Authorize the attorney general shall display a copy. Attorneys filed the Certificate of Title. It’s going to prosecute in accordance with this Section.

Rights and obligations of lawyers in civil cases, after being appo inted by the the case. Under the Code of Civil Procedure, Section 62, which states that a lawyer from the parties that they have the power. And any proceedings Instead, the parties as deemed appropriate. To protect the interests of the parties to it. If any proceedings As to the distribution rights of the parties, such as the acceptance by the parties. Other parties demanded the withdrawal of compromise. Waiver of rights or the right to appeal or petition. Or to request a new trial. Attorney has the authority to proceed with the trial as it was. Without authority from the explicitly. Expressly authorized by such composers are supplied to it in the case, the lawyer for that matter, as a single authorization separately later. Or more blades, and in the latter case, use the applicable provisions of Section

61. So before you sign the appointment of attorneys for both civil and criminal cases must be able to obtain a lawyer to clear up first. You can limit the authority of the attorney. Depending on the needs of the client